how to get more done

Free Up Your Schedule: Streamline Your Focus

With the list of to-do’s growing longer by the hour, it’s tempting to spread your focus across multiple projects. Truth is, breaking up your brainpower is more detrimental than you thought. Multitasking slows you down Research is clear. Multitasking doesn’t work. It’s counterproductive for you (and your team). This article from CNN highlights the fact that,…

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content marketing tools

No Time? Try These (Mostly) Free Content Marketing Tools to Make Life Easier

You can save time and increase productivity with great content marketing tools.  Whether you’re self-managing your content marketing or have a team of professionals helping you out, it is a daunting task . There are ideas to keep track of, notes to remember, industry trends, content schedules to put together… the list is endless.  How…

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why hire a freelancer

Never Worked with a Freelancer? Here’s Why You Should

There’s only so much time in the day, and you’re only one person. Juggling all your responsibilities is tough. Sometimes it’s a miracle if you can manage to keep all the balls in the air. How are you supposed to meet all your deadlines and still have time to strategize and plan future projects? What if I…

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blog strategy, how to blog better

Want More Readers? Build a Better Blog Strategy for Your Business

Want to make your blog work harder so you don’t have to? Your blog is a great tool for marketing and can easily turn your blogging efforts into a lead generating powerhouse. And the best part is, aside from writing amazing content, it doesn’t require a lot of extra time and it really does sell…

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freelance resume

How to Make a Freelance Resume When You Don’t Have Any Experience

Getting started in freelance writing without any experience is definitely possible. There’s just a little preparation to do so you look like a professional (and not like you just opened up shop this morning). No one wants to be mistaken for an amateur. And if you’re looking into getting started in freelance writing, you are…

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work from home, freelance writer, home office

Need a Home Office? Solutions for Space-Starved Entrepreneurs

Confession: I live in a tiny house without a traditional home office. Not a cool, “trendy” tiny house that encompasses all the living space into a posh 200 square feet. But a typical sized house with two bedrooms and one bathroom built in the 1950’s consisting of around 780 square feet. So what’s a home-based startup…

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