I pride myself in offering quality content that is customized to individual client needs.

I  can be a bit of a perfectionist and have high standards to provide top-quality content to every client. Because no two projects are the same, the process can vary. However, the typical steps I follow (though not always in this order) are:

Step One: Hello!

Quick introduction to exchange polite, excited hellos. Questions are answered like “are we a good fit?” I’ll ask about your timeline, your business, your budget, and the problems you need content to solve. You can ask me anything you’d like.

Discovery consultation will ensue if I’m confident I can help you. We’ll uncover the why behind your project and discuss your business, project goals, and the scope of what needs doing.

Step Two: Planning

Quote delivered for you to review with specific pricing details to consider.

Client Services Agreement is signed electronically to keep us both accountable to deadlines and to make sure the project scope is completed as requested.

Deposit is paid and I’ll schedule you in for my earliest availability (usually two to three weeks).

In-depth discovery where we examine your goals and business on a deeper level. I may ask for any existing customer research (to uncover your target audience), style guides, keyword and content planning documents, and other information to better provide me with a look into your business. Delivering quality content is my primary concern – I need to live and breathe your business.

Step Three: Unlock the magic

Research, in detail, so I can create content to pinpoint your audience’s pain points and answer their questions to begin building a relationship with your ideal customers (and keep them coming back for more!).

Your product gets my undivided attention and I’ll keep you updated along the way as I progress through your project. Once I have a polished draft, I’ll deliver it to you in your preferred format (usually a Google Doc or Word document) for your review. If you haven’t already paid the project rate in full, I’ll deliver an invoice for final payment along with this draft.

Edits and revisions, if needed, are then completed. I offer two rounds of revisions that are included in the contracted price, though they’re usually not needed. My research and the details you provide at our kickoff meeting are incredibly thorough and give me great insight to creating the best content the first time around.

Step Four: Go time!

Publishing your content is an exciting moment for you and the internet will rejoice! This is the moment of truth, where the rubber meets the road.

Following up, we’ll schedule a time for our next monthly meeting to discuss and plan more high-quality content for your business, and unleash more magic.

What are you waiting for?
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