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inbound copywriter and blogger

Adding a blog to your website increases traffic, brings in more leads, and increases sales – which translates into more profit for you.

People are tired of being sold to. What they really want is information to help them solve their problems and live a better life.

And that’s where my freelance writing comes in.

Using specialized inbound marketing techniques, I write social and informational articles to meet your audience where they are on their journey. I’ll bring my professional experience to your business to develop well-written, industry-relevant, custom content to attract and convert more customers.

Adding quality content to your blog will:

  • Build a community around your brand
  • Promote products and services
  • Offer genuine information in featured articles
  • Provide SEO
  • Deliver content-driven results
  • Walk visitors through the buying process, from prospect to customer

Please note: I do not write for search engines. Yes, SEO is important and I’ll incorporate that, and relevant keywords and links, to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

But “keyword stuffing” to increase SEO is detrimental to your site and should never be your main goal.

The quality and relevance of content are what will make (or break!) your business. Instead of keyword-stuffing, I focus on the heart of inbound copywriting – I write compelling content for real people. 

You bring the ideas and I’ll do the rest.

Tapping into the best of your business, I’ll shape your ideas and pull out information to create the best blog posts for your audience. To keep you on track, we’ll talk on the same day each month – ensuring a smooth and seamless delivery of content for your business.

Writing: I’ll do it all with your voice, your brand personality, and for your audience.

Additional Services to Increase Traffic:

Social Star: Increase website traffic and make your social media account more effective with Social Star. Spark reader engagement with article-specific social media status updates and optimized for the platform of your choice (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Idea Generator: All out of ideas? Don’t sweat – I can help. Beginning with an in-depth look at your brand and business goals, I’ll serve as your Idea Generator to deliver a list of blog post topics, titles, and keyword selection to increase SEO and draw in your readers.

Content Manager: Streamline the processes behind keeping your blog up to date with this popular option. When you copy and paste content from a Word document, the formatting doesn’t always transfer seamlessly. With me as your Content Manager, I’ll save you even more time by uploading and formatting each blog post using your CMS (WordPress, etc.).

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Looking for more? Check out my social media and copywriting services, too.