Running a business is hard work. I always have more on my to-do list than I have time for. And if you’re like me – juggling the demands of a job, family, and trying to find a way to squeeze in some personal time (which rarely happens), you could use some time-saving productivity strategies to keep your head above water.

Chances are you’re already rising before the sun to squeeze in a few extra minutes to work on your to-do list and going to bed exhausted every night.

Since we can’t invent more time, we’re stuck making the most of what we’re given. Here are tips and tricks to get the most out of the time you have available.

how to get more done

Limit Distractions

The number one problem of productivity is distractions. Try putting a sign up on your office door or finding a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the office to focus on your responsibilities.

Making a productivity playlist can also be helpful. Sometimes music is a good tool to keep the brain engaged on the task at hand.

The key here is to keep your eye on the prize and not let distractions influence your workflow.

do not disturb

Analyze, Revise, and Repeat

Increase productivity output by working smarter, not harder.

Do an analysis of your efforts and figure out what works and what doesn’t. By putting your time and energy into those activities that provide the best turnout, you’ll get maximum results with minimal effort.

This will not only save you time, but frequent analysis will keep you and your team on the same page for greater productivity through combined focused efforts.

Set Small Goals

Nothing derails good intentions faster than being overwhelmed. Try breaking down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.

Start by picking three things you must do today.

Crossing them off your to-do list feels good and gives you added energy to tackle more than you would otherwise. Focussing on bite-sized tasks that are easily accomplished will keep your motivation going longer.

set goals for productivity

Eliminate Multitasking

Being busier doesn’t mean you get more done. You can only give quality focus to one thing at a time, and sharing your attention between multiple tasks derails even your best efforts.

If you’re having a hard time keeping your thoughts centered on your main tasks, give yourself a mental break.

Move to a different environment and engage other senses – go for a walk to smell the fresh air or grab a cup of coffee or soda to activate your taste buds. When you return to your desk, it’ll be easier to hone in on that one thing and get it done.

Use Daily Themes

In any job there are many different hats you must wear. From marketing and business strategy to emails and customer service, switching from task to task uses a lot of mental energy.

To center your energy, create a daily theme to focus on one type of task each day.

And when something else comes up, instead of shifting your priorities, simply make a note of it to do the next time that theme comes around.

Changing routines and habits is tough. Start by picking just one or two of the above tips to implement into your routine and let me know how it goes.