You can save time and increase productivity with great content marketing tools.  Whether you’re self-managing your content marketing or have a team of professionals helping you out, it is a daunting task .

There are ideas to keep track of, notes to remember, industry trends, content schedules to put together… the list is endless.  How do you organize those ideas so you can find them later? And how do you set the schedule for those ideas to go out to your loyal readers?

Lucky for you there are tons of great content marketing tools available and most of them are free!

Here is my pick of the best of the best to get your content marketing clean, polished, and under control.

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Trello has so many uses. It’s fully customizable and lets you capture ideas and see at a glance what you are working on.

Utilizing lists and adding different ideas as individual cards to those lists is the basis of how Trello works. It also integrates a full calendar and lets you assign labels, due dates, files, and more to each different card.

trello content management

I’ve set up different boards for different stages in my process and found it’s the easiest way to manage my content. Visit the content marketing inspiration boards on Trello to view the templates available, or create an account and design your own.


There are so many to-do apps with different features available in iTunes and in the Google Play store, it’s hard to choose the best one for your working style. I’ve cycled through many of them myself and Wunderlist is the only one I’ve continued to use after the new sparkle wore off.

wunderlist for content management

I can easily add tasks and due dates and organize them into different folders and lists and categories to manage the multiple projects I have going on all the time.

The best feature is the calendar feed that syncs with your favorite calendar program (I use it with Google Calendar), letting you easily see what’s due today and throughout the week and month.


The hardest part of content marketing is scheduling your content to go out. I don’t have time to wait around and hit “publish” at the perfect time every day, so I use Buffer to manage my content scheduling for me.

Without paying for the “upgrade to awesome,” I can only schedule 10 posts to go out at a time. There are paid options for more robust content scheduling, but this free plan works fine for me.

buffer for content management

Buffer will even analyze the best time of day to send the updates out to the different social media platforms and optimize your schedule for you.

Publicize for WordPress

If your business content marketing is centered around your website’s blog posts, Publicize for WordPress is a great option.

From the WordPress admin dashboard, select Jetpack settings and scroll down to Publicize, and click Configure.

content management with wordpress

From there, you can connect your different social media accounts and WordPress will automatically publish your content to the different platforms for you.

There you have it, my top picks for content marketing. I’m curious to know what you use to manage your content?